Escuela Ecológica

Team:  University of Washington (Department of Landscape Architecture, Department of Global Health, School of Environmental and Forest Sciences, Global Health and Environment Fellows), Architects Without Borders- Seattle, Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos/ Fundacion San Marcos, Escuela Pitagorus #8183, COPASED de Zapalla, Fogarty International Clinical Research Scholar Jorge Alarcón.

Location:  Lomas de Zapallal, Lima, Peru

Issues addressed: Ecological Education, Design Education, Health, Sustainable Building Practices, Unemployment, Youth Delinquency, Single Parent Families, Malnutrition, Sanitation, Lack of Clean Water, Overcrowding, Lack of Public Green Space, Lack of Durable Housing, Inadequate Health and Education Services.

Project Description: The Ecological and Healthy School Initiative encompasses the design and construction of Pitagoras School Park and of a new classroom building with 10 modular classrooms.  Both designs incorporate numerous sustainable building strategies including a grey water filtration system, the use of native plant species, and locally sourced materials.