Firm Foundation

Team:   Solo Kota KitaAECOM UrbanSOS Program, BAPPEDA Kota Banjarmasin, DTRK Banjarmasin, PNPM Banjarmasin

Location:  Banjarmasin, Kalimantan, Indonesia

Issues addressed:  Gathering spaces; access to services; employment; water; environmental sustainability

Design Description:   The RT 14 region of Sungai Jingah in Banjarmasin is a waterfront community of low-income families whose modest livelihood and social interaction rely heavily on the resources of the Andai River, which has become a source of vulnerability due to lack of basic waterfront services.  Seeking to advance the community’s social, cultural, and environmental sustainability, Firm Foundation redesigned the waterfront’s critical spaces.  The design includes gathering areas for children, functional spaces for women, fishermen, and boats, accessory spaces for economic activities, a reconstructed boardwalk connecting public spaces on both the Andai and Martapura Rivers, and a reestablished port.